Leica M2

Let me declare at the outset that I am an unabashed admirer of Leica M cameras. I’ve used a couple of earlier screw mount models; the IIIF and the IIIG which were both fine cameras.  Anyway my comments are somewhat biased.

Why a Leica rangefinder camera in the first place?

The M2 is an interchangeable lens camera.  The lenses are smaller and more compact, and the camera and lens weigh less when compared to the SLR (single lens reflex) system.  My aging bones cope well with a rangefinder camera body and a couple of lenses. I choose my shooting style, select the lenses, arm myself with one or more camera bodies and I am shooting.  A rangefinder set up is also unobtrusive and less threatening than a large SLR camera and a big zoom lens. I get photographs I doubt I’d get with a SLR.


The subject of this review then is the pictured single stroke Leica M2 serial number 1 million plus. It is my third M series camera. My previous Leica M iterations were a single stroke M3, and an earlier button rewind version M2.  Continue reading Leica M2

Digital cameras

Do you think digital capture makes you a better or worse photographer? Is it too easy to shoot lots then spend many hours culling and editing?

I learnt photography as a film photographer. I exposed developed and printed my own work. I somewhat understand exposure techniques.

Subsequently I moved into digital and I felt my photography technique diminished. I became sloppy and haphazard and spent way too much time in front of a computer.

What are your thoughts?